Chapter One: September
Chapter Two: October

A book of poems that tell a story.
And a very tragic one at that.
© Theme

October 29th 

I dropped my books on her today.
And she fell down,
I felt so badly.
I almost cried.
I can feel my throat tightening
just as I write this.

How could I be so stupid?
Sometimes I really hate myself.
I just wish there was something I could do
somewhere I could go
someone who I could talk to
just to escape
the fact
that I am
Taylor Welch
son of
David and Maria Welch
the couple who has always shown tough love
and the younger brother
of Caroline Welch
the beyond- belief achiever.

I went for a walk around the block
and I saw Dean.
He still seemed to be angry with me,
but I walked to the edge of the bridge.
And I watched as the river
took my best friends away
all over again.

October 29th

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October 25th 

Mom and Dad are arguing again.
I haven’t heard any attacks,
Dad says that
I have no idea
what the hell is going on
and I need to keep my mouth
and mind my own damn business.

But if he hits her again…

I guess I will do nothing
like every other
major decision
I have had to make in my life
I will choose once again
to not do

-October 25th

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October 23rd 

October 23rd  - 1:15pm

“You know, I find you interesting,


I will never forget,
the way my name,
came so casually from her pink lips.
It is as if
I am hearing my name spoken aloud,
for the first time in my life.

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October 22nd 

We were paired up in Science,
we’re lab partners.
How lucky I am,
to be her partner
in anything
Even if it’s just
learning Newton’s laws.

-October 22nd

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October 19th 

I saw her in the hall today,
I yearned to ask her,
to ask her to accompany me
to the dance.

But then I was boldly reminded,
of my two left feet,
as I fell down in the cafeteria,
and I got my peas,
all over Derek’s jacket.

-October 19th

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October 18th 

I drove past her house today,
on the way to the video game store.
And in that moment,
I was transported back to the time,
when tears rolled down,
her perfect pink cheeks,
and down her neck.

How I wish my lips
could replace those tears.

-October 18th

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October 16th 

Mom was caught sleeping
with the man next-door
When Dad found out
Mom started crying
Dad didn’t like that
so he took his fist
and shut her up.

I tried to stop him,
but he was too strong.
Is this

-October 16th

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October 12th 

Saturday evenings
doing nothing
but reading
and studying

When is my life
going to become
something worth living?

-October 12th

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October 5th 

October 5th -4:37 pm

She sat in the parking lot,
with tears streaming down her beautiful face,
I had to say something,
but…someone like me?
“Do you need a ride? I have my truck,” the courage stole my voice,
she looked up,
and she whipped the tears from her red cheeks,
and she nodded.

“It’s just up here, to the left,” her voice soft,
as if
was her middle name.
“I know what you’re thinking,”
she vaguely assumed,
“Another teenage heartbreak,”
I stole a glance at her pale skin,
“But you’re wrong,”
instantly her eyes met mine,
as habit,
I looked away.

The car came to a halt,
on a rocky driveway
and her house was beautiful,
She opened the truck door,
and looked at me again,
“If only you knew,
the craziness,
that comes with knowing me.”
She stepped out of the car, and closed the door behind her.

I watched her
as she walked up the pathway,
And into her home.
She stopped at the door, and turned around,
and ran back to my rusty old truck,

“Thank you,” she offered a warm smile.

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September 6th 

Long blonde hair;
and a lot of it.
Big brown eyes;
and a welcoming smile
A person could get used to
a face like yours.

-September 6th


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